Elite Cost

Elite Player Fees

Below is a chart of the fees for the 2018/19 season along with some additional fee details.  

Some additional points about the 2018/19 Season:

  • The Registration Fee remains a two tier system,  $125.00 for players with birth years 2002 and later and $75 for for players born in 2000 and 2001.  A reduction is given to the older players as some of the registration fee goes to pay for items that add future value to the club (equipment, marketing, etc) that those players do not see a benefit from.  The registration fee is due by August 1st and must be paid to secure the roster spot.  The registration fee is not refundable unless situations beyond the player's control (moving, long term injury, etc.) cause the player to miss the entire year.
  • The Volunteer Forward Program continues to be available. Families who volunteer can reduce their fees for next year up to $150 per player. We are always looking for new ways to expand the volunteer opportunities and hope to even more in coming years. Click here to learn more about the volunteer forward program. 
  • For WYSA State League Teams, the typical Fall season fees will continue to include one (1) common tournament which most United teams will attend. There will also be additional fee structures for teams wishing to participate in two or more tournaments.
  • For WYSA State League Teams, the Spring season fees continue to include three (3) Tournaments, one (1) one of which is our home tournament, one (1) a common away tournament, and one (1) team choice.
  • Any rain-outs or cancellations of the United home tournament will not be replaced with another tournament
  • For Fall and Spring MRL teams, each season includes three (3) tournaments of the team’s choice
  • Every team will have a tournament budget to which they must adhere. Any costs that exceed that budget will need to be paid by the team
  • Any teams who's season deviates from the traditional formula will either have their fees calculated using the new parameters or the team will be responsible to collect for any financial shortage. Teams wishing to have "Tournament Only" teams will need to self finance their costs.  The team MUST have a licensed coach, if Oshkosh United provides that coach it will be a rate that Oshkosh United determines.
  • Each Player is also responsible for purchasing their own uniform. Beginning in Spring 2018 all players must purchase the new Tiro/Tastigo uniform.  The cost of the uniform is approximately $110.00

Other than travel expenses playing for United does not require much additional spending. Any other off season costs are optional and players are not required to take part in them.  Other clubs may appear to be less but then you have to pay coaching fees or tournament fees on top of what you pay to register.  Other clubs with highly trained coaching staffs such as United's charge fees between $800 - $1500. In addition, there are no other "hidden fees" that you are expected to pay. Other clubs may require players do fundraisers or families to do "mandatory" volunteer hours or provide a cash buyout.


Oshkosh United 2018-2019 Elite Player Fees

Registration Fee  Birth years 2002-2010 $125                                          
Birth years 2000-2001 $75
Fall  State League 13U - 19U - League +1 Tournament $255
Midwest Regional League (MRL) - League +3 Tournaments $435
**Add a 2nd or 3rd tournament $40
Spring  State League 13U - 19U - League +3 Tournaments $360
Midwest Regional League (MRL) - League +3 Tournaments $435

** The registration fee is paid once per soccer year (August 1st - July 31st) and players pay the season fee for whichever season(s) they elect to play in. 


Scholarship Application

Our scholarship program provides financial assistance for families who may have difficulty affording season player fees. Scholarships are typically not available for Registration Fees, Player Uniform costs, or other player incurred costs beyond United Season Fees. CLICK HERE to apply for a scholarship.