Winter Training Info

Winter Training Information

Winter training is one of the core beliefs of Oshkosh United. We realize that some players are involved in other activities in the winter and we also realize that some players are not in other activities and they want to get some extra touches on the ball. We reserve gym time and run training sessions so players can get extra skill training in the off season. Each session starts with some skill work and we end each session with some type of a scrimmage. 

Our winter training program is changing significantly this year. Despite submitting our reservation to reserve time a few weeks earlier than we normally do we were denied the facilities that we typically utilize as other groups have reserved more time than normal. We contacted many other schools (public and private) as well as the YMCA and local colleges to try to get additional time. The time we were able to get has been divided up amongst the teams and the schedule is linked below. Younger age groups will participate in sessions run by club staff (highly experienced coaches) and older teams will be able to participate in trainings run by the team coach. 

CLICK HERE to view the winter training schedule. 

Logistical Information

Weekend trainings will take place in the A and/or B gyms at the Kolf Fieldhouse at UWO. Tuesday trainings will take place in the Merrill Middle School gymnasium. 

If a training needs to be cancelled an update will be posted on the Oshkosh United twitter feed. You can view the twitter feed by visiting www.twitter.com/oshkoshunited.